Talent Development

Connecting Education, Industry, and Government for Talent Development

With 40% of the workforce retiring in the next few years and fewer workers to take their place, it has become imperative to find new ways for industries to develop pathways to connect students with future employment in our region.

Education, Industry, and Government sectors each have a stake in creating opportunities for young people. The Education Sector seeks to foster student achievement and completion. Industry seeks qualified employees to meet their talent needs. Government seeks dynamic economic development to build stronger communities. Each sector must communicate with one another to identify shared opportunities to collaborate toward mutual goals.

Lacor Consultants has a proven track record of helping connect these industries for workforce talent development. Lead consultant, Rita LaMoreaux can help your organization develop strategic priorities and action plans across sectors. Rita LaMoreaux has expertise leading across the sectors, interpreting the diverse languages and regulations.

Rita was instrumental in starting the insurance industry coalition, Insuring MI Future (IMF). IMF launched six insurance specific high school programs that are now the model for how an industry can come together to support education to train the talent pool at a younger age. Rita initiated the first community college insurance program in the state of Michigan at Lansing Community College.

Lacor Consultants Can Facilitate for Industry to:

  • Connect with both high schools and colleges.
  • Develop high school programs for your industry.
  • Connect with the local career and technical programs in Intermediate School Districts/Regional Educational Service Agencies.
  • Develop internship and job shadow programs with the local high schools.

Lacor Consultants Can Facilitate for Education to:

  • Connect with local industries for job shadow and internships opportunities for students.
  • Strengthen your connection with industries in your area.
  • Develop Career Technical Education (CTE) programs that work with industries in your area.

Lacor Consultants Can Facilitate for Government to:

  • Design talent initiatives with industry to build CTE programs aligned with talent needs.
  • Connect economic development resources with industries and schools.
  • Demonstrate how industry partners can connect to high school and colleges for talent resources.


  • Expert in aligning state career pathway curriculum to current trends in the economy and government regulation to align with what industry needs.
  • Expert in connecting Education to Government to Industries.
  • Expert in taking initiatives of the Governor and Legislature and explaining them to industries to connect with high schools and colleges.
  • Expert in alignment of career readiness, government initiatives and industry trends in human resource development.
  • Expert in aligning STEM careers in industry with government and MI Department of Education initiatives.
  • Experienced in Career Readiness and STEAM Career pathways.
  • Implement new ways of connecting students and young persons to career pathways.
  • Has worked with industries to connect with schools for potential speaking engagements, internships and job shadows.
  • Knowledgeable in human resource trends and college recruitment.
  • Instrumental in the growth of high school insurance programs in Michigan schools.
  • Implemented the first community college insurance program in the State of Michigan.
  • Started the insurance industry nonprofit coalition for career readiness, Insuring MI Future.

Experienced in career readiness initiatives of the State of Michigan.

  • 10 over the next 10
  • Governor’s Talent Investment Board
  • Governor and Legislature Priorities
  • Going Pro

Educational Connections

Member of the Cross-Sector Career Readiness Team for the Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity.

Board member of the Capital Area College Access Network.

Connected to the MI STEM Network for the MI Department of Education.

To schedule a talent assessment, please contact Rita LaMoreaux at:

Rita LaMoreaux | Lacor Consultants | 517-974-5523 | rita@lacorconsultants.com