Speaking Services

Need a speaker for your next event? Rita LaMoreaux can be your go-to for that!

Rita has over 25 years of public speaking experience. Starting in 1990 at the Michigan History Museum and later at the Turner-Dodge House museum in Lansing, Michigan, she honed her speaking skills giving tours for up to 100 people. From there, she started giving presentations and radio appearances on the history of alcohol, specifically whiskey history. The last six years have been a journey of public speaking on insurance careers and education. Rita now wants to share her 20 years of nonprofit experience with your groups!

Speaking Topics

Starting your Nonprofit – Where to Begin and Where do I Go
How to Round Up a Great Board for your Nonprofit
How Do I Keep My Nonprofit Sustained and Going Through the Years
Setting Up Google to Work for Your Nonprofit and Small Business
Essentials to Make your Nonprofit Work
What’s Your Plan?

Insurance Careers and Education
How to Teach Insurance in Your High School Classroom
Insurance Careers in the State of Michigan

Rita can speak to groups of any size, large and small. She can also be available for podcasts, radio and tv appearances. Rita can tailor her speaking skills to your group. She will do a consultation with you on what you need for the presentation; she will come early to get to know your attendees. Knowing the audience and what they are looking to learn is the number one priority of her presentations. Sharing knowledge is great but it’s more important for your attendees to walk out with what they need.